This portal was created as a means to document my graduate research and project work.  This section contains specifics about the project and a status report regarding my progress.
Within the IT community, the white hat represents a good hacker



First things first, here is a copy of my Project.  This is the initial proposal; the final Project will be available by mid-May once the Spring semester is complete.

What is my project about?  This project is a comparison of proprietary and open source software in an open access environment.  To this end, the concept of the LiveCD as a desktop platform for general-purpose computing needs within a public access computer lab will be explored.

Personal computers (PCs) face threats when connected to the Internet from hackers, viruses, worms, and other malicious code.  Complex hardware & software configurations, coupled with aging hardware, contribute to increased IT-related support costs for a PC environment.  These factors, along with the similarities and differences between open and proprietary systems will be examined.

The project will include a review of the relevant literature and experimentation in a public access computer lab.  After experimentation, data will be analyzed and presented with conclusions about open source and proprietary software and the availability of systems within an open access environment.

The Project Charter gives a non-technical description of my project.

Here is a Status Report regarding the project.