This is the project charter for my work.  What is a Project Charter?  Well, it isn't a Project Plan, but rather a high-level directive outlining the overall objectives of the project.

Within the IT community, the white hat represents a good hacker

  • Project Title and Description:
    A comparison of proprietary and open source software as a way to maintain availability in an open access environment.

  • Project Manager:
    Robert K. Hiltbrand - graduate student at the University of Houston pursuing a Master of Science in Technology Project Management with a specialization in Information Systems Security.

  • Goals and Objectives:
    Examine both open source and proprietary / commercial software in regards to their use in an open access computer lab.  Execute a Proof of Concept for the LiveCD platform in an open access environment.  Offer formal academic research regarding open source software.

  • Organization Case:
    This project is the execution of my TEPM 6391 and TEPM 6395 Master's Thesis work.

  • Project Deliverables:
    When complete, the project will offer formal academic research on open source software and the LiveCD platform.  With this information, organizations can make informed decisions about the use of open source software.