Welcome to ProjectWhiteHat.org.  This portal was created as a means to document my graduate research and project work at the University of Houston.

Within the IT community, the white hat represents a good hacker

  • Project Paper
    Very Important - Here is a copy of my Project Paper.  It is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format and will later be published in hard copy.  It describes my project - Linux vs. Windows, the methodology I used during the experiment, and my conclusions about using a LiveCD in a public access computer lab.  I also have a copy of the final presentation I made to my Project Committee on May 4, 2006.  Here is my Project Paper in Microsoft Word format.

  • About the Author
    Who is Rob Hiltbrand?  What kind of graduate program is he enrolled in?  How can I contact him about his project work?&  Does he have a resume?

  • LiveCD
    A LiveCD is an operating system stored on a bootable compact disc that can be run from the CD-ROM drive itself without installation of any files onto the computerís local hard drive. It does this by creating a RAMDISK (placing the operating system files into the random access memory - RAM). The system can be returned to its original state when the LiveCD is ejected and the computer rebooted.

  • Web Resources
    I've been in the IT game a few years now.  I'm a collector and have tinkered with all of the applications and operating systems listed in this section.  Each of the items listed in this section have no licensing fees.

  • Project Details
    In this section, I have specifics about the project, status reports, and details.

  • Project Charter
    This is the project charter for my work.  What is a Project Charter?  Well, it isn't a Project Plan, but rather a high-level directive outlining the overall objectives of the project.