Who is Rob Hiltbrand?  What kind of graduate program is he enrolled in?  How can I contact him about his project work?&  Does he have a resume?
This is how consulting is done!

Who is Rob Hiltbrand?  I am a graduate student at the University of Houston's College of Technology (my expected graduation date is August 2006).  I am the son of a career Naval Officer and myself a member of the United States Naval Reserves (Intel Community).  I have lived all over the world and graduate from high school in Japan.

Are you interested in my Master's Thesis and Project work?  If so, please contact me via email at the following address: info at (please use the @ symbol in place of the word "at") projectwhitehat.org.

What kind of graduate program am I enrolled in?  The degree plan for a Master of Science (M.S.) degree in Technology Project Management is designed specifically to prepare individuals with undergraduate degrees in technology disciplines (funny, my BS is in Sociology but please read on) for responsible leadership roles in the technology-based and information-based workplaces.  The core courses provide in-depth preparation in project management skills.  Being able to plan and manage technology projects is an increasingly important skill for those with a technical background.  The Information Systems Security specialization equips technology professionals to assess the security needs of information and network systems and then to manage the implementation and maintenance of the recommended security solutions.

I have a copy of my CURRICULUM VITAE (fancy word for a resume) available online.  If you'd like to contact me directly, please do so via email at the following address: robert_hiltbrand at (please use the @ symbol in place of word "at") hotmail.com.